Joel Chalen - Fine Artist

Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Joel’s impression of the world combines his assimilation of tradition against the world’s increasing modernity. As the gateway to the Galapagos which offers a glimpse into the world’s uniqueness and biodiversity, the city stands as one of the world’s great trading regions combining old world charm with the hustle of international trade. This coastal city offered him an opportunity to compare the warm simplicity of life’s traditional pleasures with the cold complexity of the urban jungle. To further pursue his place in the world, he immigrated to the United States to pursue his work in computer science. To humanize his life and to accept many challenges, he continues with his passion in art to refine his existence.


As a child, Joel played with mud and wood. He found meaning in small creations. He found the pieces to inspire him via play, and he enjoyed sharing his creativity with others. He picked up drawing, but his focus was on creating images by focusing on the form, function, and style. At the age of 28, upon his first works with oil paint, he introduced color into his work. He has not looked back since.


Art for Joel has been a personal pursuit of finding meaning in life. Having never formally studied the craft, his technical skills have improved over time through a repeated process of refinement, experimentation, and reflection. He credits Eduardo Kingman, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso for serving as his artistic inspirations.


Joel’s work offers a vision of a romantic idealist torn between living in the new world of a fast-paced existence with his traditional values focused on humanity. Through his observations of the world, Joel finds his truth and he shares his work with others.  He has shown his artwork in several collective exhibitions, art shows and now on line to open a door into his dreamland. Join Joel on exploring his journey into his interpretation of the world…

Joel Chalen

Joel Chalen’s art reveals his truth – and his pursuit of overcoming obstacles to reach beyond the obvious to expand his imagination into stunning works of art.

“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.” – Pablo Picasso

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."- Salvador Dalí.